Unveiling components for the Magnolia component sharing contest

To promote Magnolia Light development and to promote sharing general components Magnolia started a contest asking Magnolia developers and partners to share light weight components. In this post we unveil the Tricode components for this contest.

Magnolia Upgrade Tricode Website - From 5.3 to 5.5

The Tricode website is running on Magnolia CMS for a couple of years now. A great CMS that gives a lot of options to content managers and marketeers in the area of digital marketing. Because Magnolia keeps improving their CMS, it is sometimes required to perform updates. In this blog, Martijn tells how he has upgraded Magnolia CMS from version 5.3 to version 5.5.

Magnolia CORE - The ultimate Magnolia experience

With the latest 5.5 release, Magnolia's on-premise enterprise content management system has a new name: Magnolia CORE. Building upon the robust system we rely on today, this release is packed full of improvements, shortcuts and speed-ups for the regular workflows, as well as some new added functions for developers. Learn all this and more in the following article.

White paper: Nearshoring Management

In dit Whitepaper geven we op basis van onze ervaringen een overzicht van zaken waarop je moet letten bij het aangaan van een nearshoring samenwerking en het managen van deze samenwerking. Voordat u aan nearshoring begint, raden we aan dit Whitepaper te lezen.

Infrastructure as Code, the benefits.

Infrastructure as Code can bring the management of your infrastructure to the next level and beyond. In this blog article I will show you why you should apply it and what the benefits are.
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