Java software development

Software development
Our software developers are the heart of Tricode. With 15 years of experience, we know exactly how best to approach a Java software development project, so that we can deliver the best possible software with the shortest turnaround time.

Software that offers added value
We deliver software that not only works, but that also offers your organisation added value. How do we do that? We think along with you. We don't ask what kind of software you want, we ask you about the objectives you wish to achieve with the software we develop. With our years of experience developing CMS and e-commerce solutions, we are uniquely capable of advising you about software that aligns with the objectives you wish to achieve.

You remain involved during the Java software development process
After we have established the goals you wish to achieve with the software, we then start the actual Java software development process - with the intention of actually attaining these goals. We use an agile/scrum approach, allowing you to remain actively involved in the Java software development project. You determine our priorities and which features you want to have delivered first. Every two weeks, we deliver precisely that bit of software. Working. So that you can track the progress and can intervene quickly if this is necessary.

Software development technology: Java
For content and experience management solutions, Tricode is the implementation partner for Adobe Experience Manager and Magnolia CMS. For the implementation of e-commerce solutions, Tricode has selected Intershop. These software products are all based on the Java programming language. For the implementation of customer experience solutions based on these software products, Tricode has advanced Java software development paths. In addition, the Tricode developers are certified in Java software development, of course.