Adobe Experience Manager

Creating and managing personalised online experiences

Adobe Experience Manager
Adobe Experience Manager is a uniform and integrated Web content management system for providing exciting digital content. Adobe Experience Manager is the best web experience management solution for every channel - such as web, mobile and social media.

Marketing campaigns
Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) allows you to create, manage and optimise online customer experiences. This allows you to strengthen your brand by encouraging demand for it and increasing its range. The solution integrates seamlessly with the Adobe Marketing Cloud. In combination with the Marketing Cloud, AEM enables you to conduct, analyse and improve marketing campaigns quickly and successfully.

AEM contains an intuitive workflow and advanced capabilities for launching sites. AEM is the tool for creating maximum customer involvement and loyalty by offering personalised online experiences. Within AEM, you can simulate personages in order to view and determine the content that can be personalised for your various target groups in real time..

As a content editor, you work with a user-friendly WYSIWYG drag-and-drop user interface. The Adobe editor in which you create your content is linked seamlessly to the Digital Asset Management component. In addition, the editor provides spell-check functionality, access to version control, workflow, tagging, audit logs and translation capabilities.

Tricode: # 1 in knowledge and experience
When it comes to AEM knowledge and experience in the Benelux, Tricode has the most knowledge in house in the form of trained, experienced AEM developers. We also have the most experience in performing AEM implementations, which allows us to use the capabilities that this CMS offers to the maximum.

By enriching AEM with our knowledge and skills in the area of consultancy, development services and an AEM-servicedesk AEM service desk, we ensure a carefree implementation. We also integrate AEM with your back-end systems and/or e-commerce solution.

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